Freed-Up Financial Living

Freed-Up Financial Living

This six-hour, DVD based curriculum is designed for everyone in the congregation, regardless of their financial situation. Participants explore what the Bible and the culture say about the five financial areas of life (earning, giving, saving, debt and spending). They are then coached on how to implement biblical principles into their daily financial lives through a personal spending plan. This is done in a grace-filled manner – no guilt or judgment allowed. Just God’s truth communicated in a compelling way.

The interactive workshop will be facilitated by Bernie Kent. The course is $25. We highly encourage couples to participate together in this course for maximum application and impact.

March 17th, 8:30am-4:30pm

Lunch, coffeee and course material covered in cost
call the church office for more information 250-376-6268

Register online here

Once you have registered you will be given a pre-work booklet to be completed and brought with you to the session.

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