Wildfire Response Update

Wildfire Response Update

A staff representative met with Emergency Social Services at the Evacuation Center this morning to follow up with KAC's ongoing offer of assistance as had been provided at the onset of this disaster.   At present we were provided the same advice as previously posted which is to simply continue to monitor the TNRD Facebook pages for updates as to what assistance is required.  The most pressing need as of this morning are gift cards for fuel - KAC immediately provided $1000.00 in cards.


  • Anyone wishing to volunteer is welcome to drop in at the Evacuation Center.  It is on an "as needed" basis, so you will be given tasks only in the event there is an immediate need at the time you arrive.  Otherwise, you will be asked to leave contact information from which you will be contacted as needed.  At present there is a requirement for volunteers to assist with evacuee registration. 
  • Gift cards are still the #1 request. Cards for places that sell everyday items, and also gift cards for gas. If you want to give the combo option, gift cards from Superstore will give the recipient flexibility in what they purchase from gas to everyday needs. *Red Cross has asked that all gift cards intended for evacuees be dropped off at their downtown location: 943 Victoria Street.*
  • Monitor the TNRD, United Way and Red Cross websites and social media as all give regular updates to current and pressing needs.


Any billeting needs are dealt with on a third party basis only as Emergency Social Services will not become involved in these processes due to the potential liability issues that might arise.  Evacuees seeking billet are being directed to post their needs on the TNRD Facebook sites, so any offer of accommodation may be posted on those sites There is also a bulletin board in front of the Evacuation Center where ads may be posted.  We have posted at least one request that came through the KAC Facebook page, so you might monitor that site as well.    

We will continue to bring updates on ways in which we can help community services all over Kamloops aid those in this difficult time.


Continue to pray for all those impacted, especially that they may know and understand the sovereignty of God in such chaotic moments as this. Pray for those involved in connecting with and serving the evacuees, and for our front line emergency response members as they battle the fires, and most importantly pray for rain.