Christmas Dinner at Mustard Seed New Life Community

On December 21, we are hosting our annual Christmas Dinner and Sing-a-long at Mustard Seed New Life Community. We are looking for volunteers for the dinner as well as people who are interested in preparing or purchasing the cheesecake, salad or can buy mittens/toques to donate. Please contact Hanna or Pete if you wish to help

Do you have a heart for the Marginalized?

Calling all those who are interested. Do you have a heart for the marginalized here in Kamloops? Well, come out and support us as we share God's love and grace. Twice a month, on the first and third Friday of each month, Alive in the City (AITC) volunteers host a special night at New Life Community at 181 Victoria Street. AITC also conducts a worship service once a month at the Overlanders Extended Care Seniors' facility in Brocklehurst. 

Alive in the City is also involved in other periodic ministry opportunities throughout the course of the year. Lots of possibilities if you have a heart for coming alongside the less fortunate in the Kamloops community. “And they will know that we are Christians by our love”. We are not asking for a huge commitment. 

There are always opportunities to share a meal at Crossroads with one of the residents. One of the Life Groups has volunteered to cook the meal. All you would have to do would be to show up with a ready-made meal and spend some time with someone in need.

We are always looking for new volunteers to come and help with Alive in the City. What a great opportunity to express your faith through service to the poor and very broken in our community.

Hello Alive in the City volunteers, we are wrapping up another year of ministering to the poor and marginalized in the Kamloops community - just two two more evenings at New Life Community. If you are interested in coming out this Friday evening (June 1) for a snack and games night please let us know ASAP.  The first Friday of the month is generally low key, and a great opportunity to sit and share with the very needy in our community. Here is your chance to get involved if you haven't had the chance for a long time. As well, if any of you are interested in preparing and eating a meal with a resident at the Crossroads Hotel (Ask Wellness building for people with multiple barriers) please let us know. You can do this any night during the week as you have time and it gives you the opportunity to be a huge blessings to one very broken person.  
Blessings,   Pete & Hanna     

Contact Pete or Hanna if you wish to be part of further Alive in the City ministry events or fill out the form below.



If you would like more information on serving with Alive in the City, let us know.