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In Kidztown, children are encouraged to memorize a new Bible verse that relates to what they are learning. In the past, your child had the opportunity to recite from memory the verse for that month to their leader and receive a Bible Bucks for memorizing their Bible verse. We still view scripture memorization as an important part of becoming a confident follower of Christ and we hope children are still encouraged with the opportunity to earn Bible Bucks that can be redeemed at the Kidztown Store. For current opportunities to recieve a Bible Buck, please email [email protected] with a video of your child reciting the verse.

So that you don't have to wait until we meet in person, we are offering scheduled drop-ins to recieve your item from the Kidztown Store!  To arrange a day and time to redeem your child(ren)'s Bible Bucks, email [email protected] with their choice item selected from the catalog below.

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