Day at the Lake

Day at the Lake is an opportunity for our church community and their friends to get away for the day and experience the beauty of Eagle Bay Camp. We will engage in a number of activities, participate in a KAC Saturday Gathering, and build deeper community with each other - all while having the space for proper physical distancing.

There are eight dates to choose from, spanning from end of June through August. For full details and dates, and to register check out the Church Center app HERE.

We are looking forward to reconnecting with you and your families throughout the summer.  Make sure to snag your spot.

KAC Connects

This week's challenge is "Warrior Walk". Invite a friend or two and do a prayer walk around your neighbourhood. Pray for people in your area who need Jesus.  

We would love to hear your KAC Connects stories, so shoot Pastor Tim an email or send him a few photos. Let's be a church that intentionally connects with others to carry out our mission, to know Jesus and make Him known.

Previous Challenges:

Week 1: "Driveway Social" - invite your friends to a socially distant visit in your driveway
Week 2: "Chalk & Cheer" - tag your neighbours driveway with some chalk art and messages of encouragement
Week 3: "Co-Workers and Caffeine" - Bless your co-worker(s) with coffee and have a time of connection.
Week 4: "Garden Goodies" - Pick some garden veggies or fruit and bless a neighbour, friend, or the food bank with some of your abundance from God.
Week 5: "Covid Call" - Call a friend you haven't heard from in a while and check in on them, pray with them and encourage them.

Check back next week for a new challenge!