Day at the Lake

Day at the Lake is an opportunity for our church community and their friends to get away for the day and experience the beauty of Eagle Bay Camp. We will engage in a number of activities, participate in a KAC Saturday Gathering, and build deeper community with each other - all while having the space for proper physical distancing.

There are eight dates to choose from, spanning from end of June through August. For full details and dates, and to register check out the Church Center app HERE.

We are looking forward to reconnecting with you and your families throughout the summer.  Make sure to snag your spot.

KAC Connects

More than ever people are starving for connection. Social distancing has made us keenly aware of our need for human interaction.

With that in mind, we have a challenge for you! We want to start a grass roots movement of people connecting and caring for their communities and networks.

What does this look like? Get together with a few people, and think creatively about how you could help your neighborhood, your workplace, your friends connect together. Then, submit an online application for financial support on the KAC website. We will provide up to $150 of financial support to help make your idea come to life!

Applications will close at the end of June and we encourage you to run an event sometime in July and August.  We look forward to hearing what God does through meeting practical needs!

Fill out an application form HERE.