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We want to live out our vision "to know Jesus and make Him known" as we do life together in our community through Life Groups.  Jesus was described in John 1:14, as living “in the neighbourhood,” showing the grace and truth of the Father. We want the same thing to happen in our city.

Home-Based Life Groups meet in the neighbourhoods where we live.  Most home-based Life Groups study a curriculum which connects with our weekend teaching themes. This helps us integrate and explore Biblical truth and to live, journey, and grow together, in community. 

The main objective of Home-Based Life Groups is to do life together…

  • Connect with one another.
  • Connect with Scripture.
  • Connect with God in prayer. 

In addition, we actively encourage Life Groups to…

  • Serve together.
  • Play together … and have FUN!

Interest-Based Life Groups are groups that form around a common interest. These groups are about intentionally doing life together with friends from your various arenas of life. We want to help you connect as you hike, bike, fish, craft, knit or enjoy any other group activity of common interest together.  We want to give you a simple, meaningful way to engage in thoughtful spiritual conversations as you do life together.


Please consider being a facilitator and/or a host to help us do life together in Life Groups.