KAC KIDS Weekend Gathering

(KAC KIDS gatherings run the same time as Weekend Gatherings.)


We welcome children from newborn through Grade 5 to join us for an age-appropriate message that is most often in line with “Big Church.”  We believe that the church and home should be a partnership, and this helps give families the tools to continue the conversation as they head home, eat meals together, and go to bed. (Deut. 6:6-7)

Lives are changed when hearts are changed and we desire to provide a space where that can happen.  Our safe and inviting environment provides children with a place all their own where they play games, connect, and dive into Scripture. 



Grade 1-5

Children will enjoy their time split between Small Group and Large Group time.  Small Group leaders will take the time to connect with each child and help them connect the week's lesson and "big idea" to their daily life, while Large Group time provides them with their message in a relevant and engaging way.

Communion Weekends
Once a quarter we ask that the Grade 4 and 5 students attend "Big Church" with their grown ups to experience the communion service.  This is a great learning opportunity for the children and a chance for you, their spiritual leader, to guide them through this moment when they are ready.

Upcoming dates: January 15/16, April 15 (Good Friday), July 9/10


Early Learners

Pre-K - Kindergarten

We provide a safe and inviting environment for the age 3-6 year old children where they hear a Bible story, craft, and enjoy free play time. Leaders take the time to connect with the children and help them connect the week's lesson and "big idea" to their daily life.  Student leaders get in on the fun and play with the children at a level that makes them feel special and provides the "big buddy" experience.



Newborn - 3 years

Feel confident leaving your little one with us knowing that we have fully screened volunteers who will care for and share Jesus' love with them while you are able to attend the Weekend Gathering.  Children from newborns to age 3 will have time to play, have a snack, and hear a short story about Jesus.  We believe that even the youngest members of a family should experience a moment with Jesus while with us in KAC KIDS.

Nursing Room

A quiet room off of the Nursery is provided for parents to change diapers, feed babies, and even catch the message in "Big Church" if your little one isn't ready for you to leave the room.  The room is equipped with gliders, a change table, cribs, and a TV tuned into the message in the sanctuary.