Kidztown Nursery

Newborn - 3 years old

Feel confident leaving your little one with us in Kidztown knowing that we have fully screened volunteers who will care for and share Jesus' love with them while you are able to attend the Weekend Gathering.  Children from newborns to age 3 will have time to play, have a snack, and hear a short story about Jesus.  We believe that even the youngest members of a family should experience a moment with Jesus while with us in Kidztown.

Nursing Room

A quiet room off of the Nursery is provided for parents to change diapers, feed babies, and even catch the message in "Big Church" if your little one isn't ready for you to leave the room.  The room is equipped with gliders, a change table, cribs, and a TV tuned into the message in the sanctuary.


Kidztown gatherings run the same time as Weekend Gatherings.

Enter through the Ministry Centre entrance or through the Kidztown hallway to the right of the main foyer.