Essentials | 6 Habits to Help Young People Grow

At KAC, we have a desire to encourage, empower, and equip students grow as apprentices of Jesus and leaders within their communities. Essentials is adiscipleship opportunity for young people to find relevance in spiritual habits that are essential to every believers' faith.  Students will embark on a journey that will see them explore six 4-week modules over a two year period. These modules will help students to better understand and apply the essential habits of scripture, prayer, leadership, mission, community, and worship as regular rhythms in their life.  We are committed to our young people and have created three different stages, with different depths of learning that will allow students from grades 3-12 to jump in and grow as apprentices of Jesus.


Habit One: Scripture - November 6, 13, 20, & 27

Saturdays from 4:30-6:00pm

The spiritual practice of reading, knowing, and understanding Scripture is integral to the growth of every believer.  Come grow deeper in your knowledge of Scripture and the importance of incorporating it into your daily life.  

Stage 1 (Grade 3-5): What is Scripture?
Stage 2 (Grade 6-8): How do we Connect with Scripture?
Stage 3 (Grade 9-12): How do we Understand Scripture?

Note: Cost is $25. Resource materials and dinner are provided.

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