When it comes to marriage, we sometimes talk about preparation before the wedding day, and we might seek help or counsel for our marriage at a critical point, but we often neglect striving to have our “fine” marriage become a thriving marriage. 

Our Marriage Mentorship Ministry is a simple, yet intentional, approach to help couples who are newlywed; who seem to have hit a plateau in their relationship; or who simply want to continue to grow in their marriage. For one evening a month, over the course of ten months, your mentor couple will meet with you, engaging in informal, yet very intentional, conversation on specific topics related to marriage. In this context of confidentiality and openness, your mentor couple will help facilitate dialogue that can often otherwise be very difficult to navigate. 

Although this is not a replacement for professional marriage counselling, we do believe that any married couple can benefit from having a marriage mentor couple who can share the wisdom and experience from their own ups and downs.   

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