Besides our Marriage Mentorship Ministry and Marriage Preparation Facilitation, we also want to point you to other resources that can help support your marriage towards health and thriving.  Please see below a few podcasts, books, and websites that we’ve found helpful: 



  • The Marriage Journal - The Roloffs
    • for more information, click HERE

    • to purchase, click HERE

  • KAC podcasts:  
    • Marriage (Joan Schultz) - click HERE
    • The Meaning of Marriage (Gary Thomas) - click HERE
    • Pornography (Secret Life) - click HERE  
    • Parenting (Kim & Darlene Unrau) - click HERE  
    • Marriage (Kim & Darlene Unrau) - click HERE

  • Family Life Canada - click HERE 

  • Prayer Online - click HERE 

  • Counselors - click HERE 

  • Books:
    • Intimate Allies - Dan B. Allender and Tremper Longman III
    • Sacred Marriage - Gary Thomas
    • The Meaning of Marriage - Timothy Keller