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When many people think of Advent, they often think of plucking chocolates from behind the window of an Advent calendar.  But the word advent is actually from the Latin adventus, which simply means “arrival.” Advent is the coming, the arrival, of the presence of God Himself through Jesus.  

For hundreds of years, followers of Jesus have set aside the four weeks leading up to Christmas as a meaningful season of celebration and anticipation. As we participate in this season from our own homes, we are encouraging you to join us each week in a meaningful reflection of the prophecy’s and pronouncements of Emmanuel, by joining us on online and having your own advent wreath ready to light together with us.

For families, Kidztown is providing a great craft to build your own wreath together with your kids. If you don’t already have a wreath, just grab 5 candles and set them out to participate along with us. Each weekend gathering, we encourage you to join with us as we start our gathering time lighting the candles in celebration and anticipation of the presence of God through Jesus. 

Families, want to sign up for an Advent Wreath craft box? Click HERE