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Nominating Committee Members:

Chris Throness, Dwayne Dueck, Darren Donas, Rachel Paeth, Jessica Ens*, Diane Down

Having prayerfully and thoroughly conducted its work, the Nominating Committee presents the following:

Nominees for the Board of Elders for 2020-2021:

Dwayne Geiger        1st year of 1st term
Merl Fichtner           1st year of 1st term
Jessica Ens*            1st year of 1st term
Heather Reid           1st year of replacement term

*recused from the Committee upon accepting Elders Board nomination 

Additional Nominees for the Board of Elders for 2020-2021:

Rob Splane             1st year of 2nd term
Darren Donas         1st year of 2nd term
Neil Steinke           1st year of 2nd term

Remaining on the Board of Elders:

Joel Neustaeter       2nd year of 2nd term
Dwayne Dueck        2nd year of 2nd term
Doug Gleddie          2nd year of 1st term

Thanks to Caleb Mierau, Matt Sastaunik and Dave Conroy for their service and leadership on our Elders Board over the past years. Each of these men have made significant contribution in helping to lead our church. Thank You!!    

Respectfully submitted,

Chris Throness  (Chairman of Nominating Committee)



KAC AGM Agenda Sept 30th 2020

Call to order
Adoption of Agenda
Acceptance of Minutes
Board Chair Report
Proposed Bylaw Changes
Presentation of Financial Statements
Approval of Financial Statements
Appointment of Financial Reviewer
Election of Elders, appointment of Ballot Tellers
Lead Pastors Report
Budget Presentation
Election of Nominating Committee Members
Elders Election results
Motion to Destroy Ballots
Lead Pastor final comments closing prayer




Moved that Kamloops Alliance Church bylaws be amended as follows:

Amend Section 2.3.1 (c) by replacing “LCC” with “the constitution
Amend Section 4.1.1 by replacing “below” with “to
Amend Section 4.1.2 by replacing “LCC” with “the constitution
Add new Section 3.7
“The Board of Elders may, during exceptional circumstances, approve and provide for electronic voting measures and procedures to conduct an Annual Meeting or Special Meeting of the church's members, if, in the opinion of the Board, those measures are necessary to conduct the meeting.”