Ephesians 5:18
The Filling of the Spirit


Discussion Questions: 

  1. Thinking through all of the behavioral commands in Ephesians 4 and 5, what seems “impossible” about living the Christian walk to you?

  2. What best describes your Christian walk so far: Option A (Trying to follow rules in order to look good, earn God’s love and impress others) or Option B Christianity (admitting that by yourself you can’t honour God. By surrendering your life to Him and experiencing His forgiveness, you are empowered to live a new life.)? Is there perhaps another option?

  3. How have you sensed the Holy Spirit in your life before? What about this week?

  4. What has been your experience with filling of the Holy Spirit? Is it the big moment experience, or the small moment regular pattern of life?

  5. What was your experience of the Holy Spirit this past weekend as you responded in prayer? 



I know that I’ve been born, sealed and indwelt by the Spirit. That is why I am asking you for a fresh work of the Spirit. So, without shame or hesitation, acknowledging my need, I ask for a fresh filling of the Holy Spirit.

By the power that raised Jesus from the dead, free me from my under-believing and over-compensating. I confess the countless things in my life that influence me that do not honour You. For my apathy, my misordered desires, and my longing for things that are not of You.

Open the eyes of my heart to see more of Jesus.

Grant me power to know Jesus’ love and may the love of Jesus be the most compelling and propelling force in my life; turning my whining into worship; my timidity into fearless faith; small dreams into a kingdom vision; my hesitation to risk much, into a life of fruitful obedience.

By the grave-robbing, kingdom-advancing, Christ-exalting power of the Holy Spirit, restore to me the joy of your salvation; renew my love for the beauty and freedom of holiness; and intensify my awareness and excitement for Jesus. In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.