Romans 12:1-8
The Gifts of the Spirit


Discussion Questions: 
  1. The Holy Spirit doesn’t just distribute spiritual gifts, he also empowers us to use them. What does this mean to you? How have you witnessed this in your own life?

  2. We often find our spiritual gift(s) at the confluence of our abilities (natural talents), affinities (passions) and the affirmation of others. What are your natural talents? What are you most passionate about?

  3. Our spiritual gifts exist for: (1) the Church, (2) the World, and (3) Ourselves. How have you seen the spiritual gifts at work in either of these areas?

  4. In order to see the full spectrum of spiritual gifts alive and active in the church, we need to do the following: (1) renounce our pride, (2) pray, and (3) practice. Where in these areas are you strong? Where are you weak?

  5. How do you currently see the life of Jesus being cultivated amongst KAC, and how do you currently see the life of Jesus being revealed through KAC?