Romans 8:18-30
The Spirit and Suffering


Discussion Questions: 
  1. Groaning means to sigh. What are you sighing about right now?

  2. We live in the already, but not yet tension: we have the “first fruits of the Spirit” (His presence and activity in our life) and yet we “groan inwardly.” How does this teaching help you make sense of our current experience or your past suffering?

  3. The Christian story says that this world, although beautiful is broken and that one day it will all be made right. In the midst of your groaning and sighing, how does this bring perspective and perhaps encouragement?

  4. How does it make you feel that the Spirit identifies with your groaning and actually prays for you when you can’t?

  5. Suffering can often times feel purposeless, but ultimately God is sovereign and can use everything, even the worst things, to bring about good. Have you seen this to be true in your life?