As Christians and as a church we have a responsibility to honor God with our resources. As individuals we do that by giving to His work in the church. As a church we honor God by insisting on the highest level of accountability – being “beyond reproach” with the resources you give.

“On the first day of every week, each one of you should set aside a sum of money which is in keeping with your income...” 1 Cor. 16:12

Giving Back

Giving of our talents, energies, and finances are all important parts of our Christian life. At Kamloops Alliance Church we are deeply committed to strengthening and encouraging believers -- and we are passionately committed to reaching out to those who do not yet know Christ. To accomplish this, our ministries require financial and human resources. To enable you to participate in meeting the financial needs of these important ministries, please find our contribution methods by selecting the `Giving Options`tab to the left.

 Statements and Tax Receipts

Charitable contribution statements for 2021 are now available online through the Church Centre app! Click HERE to access your statement.  If you have any questions about your giving history, or any other questions related to giving and church finances, please contact our finance team at [email protected], or call 250-376-6268 ext. 107.

Click HERE for detailed instructions on how to log into your giving profile. 

Kamloops Alliance Church is a registered Canadian Charity. As a result, it is possible to obtain a tax receipt for donations. A charitable contribution receipt for income tax purposes will be issued to you before the end of February of the following year. For these purposes please clearly identify your donations and keep us current with your mailing address.

Click on Church Center to access your profile, and view your giving-to-date.

Questions and Help

We are happy to answer any questions. Please contact our Finance Department for further information or help at [email protected]