Join us in helping create a community with arms wide open simply by connecting through inFellowship.

For the past year we have been implementing the FellowshipOne database internally, and now its your turn to be part of this community.

inFellowship is an online program that is a safe, secure, and private way of:

  • updating your personal information,
  • finding groups within the church, 
  • registering guests for Kidztown from home,
  • checking your giving statements, 
  • or simply finding a contact within the church.

Simply follow these easy steps on your computer, cell phone or tablet, or even head to the guest services counter and use the computer there.

  • Follow the inFellowship Link below
  • Select Register (top right or middle right of page)
  • sign up and check your email
  • fill in your most current information! 

You are done!


Get to inFellowship here